West Beach Breakfast


Pork sausage, bacon (2), Mac's Farm poached egg, hash brown (2), homemade baked beans, field mushroom, tomato, sourdough toast

Small West Beach Breakfast


Pork sausage, bacon (1), Mac's Farm poached egg, hash brown, homemade baked beans, tomato, sourdough toast

Vegan Beach Breakfast


Cumberland style vegan sausage, hash browns (2), homemade baked beans, spinach, field mushroom, plum tomato, sourdough toast

Vegan Beach Breakfast


Cumberland style vegan sausage, hash brown (1), homemade baked beans, spinach, hash brown, sourdough toast

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Egg


Three scrambled Mac's Farm eggs, long sliced smoked salmon, toasted sourdough bread, charred lemon.

Eggs In Hell


Two Mac's Farm poached eggs in a spicy Provencal sauce, toasted sourdough bread.

Poached Eggs on Toast


Two Mac's Farm poached eggs, sourdough toast

Pancake Stack


Five fluffy pancakes, berry compote, syrup. Add bacon for £1.50



Toasted oats, sultanas, almonds, pineapple, maple, cranberry, honey with your choice of dairy or alternative milk

Cakes & Bakes


Locally baked by Ruby’s Bakery and More Foods

Danish Pastries


Choose from our daily selection

Bread & Olives


Homemade focaccia & matinated olives.

Halloumi Fries


Golden halloumi fries, chilli dip

Pork Belly Bites


Pressed Belly, Hoisin & Soy Glaze, Slaw

Beetroot Tartar


Crosby beets, jalapeno ketchup, croutes



Golden crumbed sprats, tartar, grilled lemon

Soup of the Day


Always vegan, thyme spread, bread.

Tofu Nuggets


Tofu, slaw, butternut chilli dip.

Chicken & Herb Terrine


Terrine with chutney, sourdough toast and cornichons

Salt & Pepper Squid


Fried squid, chilli & dill mayo

Fish & Chips

£15/ Small £8

Breaded cod fillet, mushy peas, fries, tartar

Brisket Burger


4oz beef pattie, pulled brisket, bbq sauce, fries, slaw

Vegan Burger


Moving Mountains burger, tomato, mayo, fries

Cajun Chicken Stack


Grilled chicken breast, hash brown, fries, slaw

Pork Belly


Pressed pork belly, boulangere potato, greens, jus

Pumpkin & Pepper Tartlet


Puff pastry filled tart, potato galette, greens, salsa verde

Scampi & Chips


Breaded scampi, mushy peas, fries, tartar

Buddha Bowl


Wild Rice, roasted & chargrilled vegetables, pumpkin seeds & tahini dressing. Add poached salmon, cajun chicken or matinated tofu £4.

Fish Finger Sandwich


Crumbed cod, tartare, rocket

Cheese & Branston


Mature cheddar, pickle

Vegan Feta Wrap


Vegan feta, red pepper, mint

Cajun Chicken Wrap


Grilled chicken breast, rocket, slaw

Sharing Baked Camembert


Rosemary, camembert, cornichons, toasted croutes

Sharing Loaded Nachos


Guacamole, tangy salsa, melted cheddar cheese, jalapenos



Fries, slaw, greens, mac & cheese, salad

Breakfast Menu

Baked Beans On Toast


Poached Eggs On Toast




Two fluffy pancakes, syrup

Kids West Beach Breakfast


One poached egg, one sausage, hash brown, tomato, baked beans, toast

Kids Vegan Beach Breakfast


One vegan sausage, hash brown, tomato, baked beans, sourdough toast

Pick 'N' Mix Menu


£5 each

A choice of Fish Fingers, Sausage, Vegan Sausage, Mozzerella Sticks, Cheese & Tomato pizza, Mac & Cheese, Tofu

Add two scoops of ice cream




Double espresso, bourbon vanilla ice-cream

Dark Chocolate Brownie


Warm dark chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream

Gelato Gusto Ice cream & Sorbets


Ask a server for today's flavours.